Clock repairs

Inspired by the clock repairs on TV’s ‘The Repair Shop’ just recently, today I decided to finally take a look at a clock taht’s been sitting on the side in my kitchen for quite a while now. I bought it a few months ago and although I got it to tick, it had a curious problem with the striking, which resulted in it only striking once at the top of every hour.

I knew I had to get the mechanism out of the case, so first I removed the pendulum. Next the hands came off and finally 6 screws from the inside which held the brass mechanism to the wooden case. I could then remove the whole mechanism in one piece from the back.

It didn’t take long to spot the problem. The entire mechanism was filthy, with lots of old oil that had gone hard and sticky gumming things up. On part thatw as well and truely stuck was a lever that drops down onto a snail cam to count the correct number of chimes for each hour. This was stuck in the raised position with the result that there was only a single chime each hour, no matter what the time actually was.

With a bit of careful cleaning and new lubrication with light clock oil, the mechanism finally loosened up. After putting everything back together the clock happily chimed seven times at 7pm, fittingly right in the middle of tonight’s episode of The Repair Shop!

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