Virtual Repair Cafe goes weekly

Following the success of our first ever Virtual Repair Cafe last Saturday, I’m pleased to announce this online event will now become a regular feature, which will take place for at least an hour every Saturday morning from 11am (UK time).

To join us, all you need is the Zoom app, running on either a computer, tablet or smartphone. You will also need a microphone (and possibly headphones)  together with a webcam if your device doesn’t have built in camera.

All you have to do is join the meeting on Zoom and get involved. There is no password, just enter neeting number 806 999 4444.

So show us your broken stuff and our team of fixers will advise you on how it can be repaired. We can even help you to fix your stuff live while you’re with us.

If you can’t wait until Saturday for your fix of fixing, then we will be uploading the recording from our previous Virtual Repair Cafe very soon.

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