Vintage Singer Restoration


There may not have been a physical Repair Cafe for a while, but that doesn’t mean we’ve not been busy fixing stuff. The picture above is a special table to fit a vintage Singer sewing machine. It came from E-Bay in a pretty beaten up state with a lot of scratches, a flaking finish and one of it’s screw-on legs completely missing. Andy has now restored both the table and sewing machine and it’s possibly for sale to help fund the next rescue project.

The sewing machine cabinet in the process of being re-varnished.

The missing leg had to be re-made. As this restoration happened during the lockdown, going out to buy a leg wasn’t an option. So Andy found a suitable piece of wood in his firewood pile and turned it on his lathe to match one of the originals. The screw thread was an old boltwith the correct thread that had it’s head sawn off and was araldited into the top of the leg.

The fully restored machine, back in the fully restored table.

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