The Virtual Repair Cafe is back!

Virtial Repair Cafe is back


We hoped to have our Repair Cafes back across the Sheffield area by now. However continued high infection rates of Covid-19 have forced us to rethink our plans. In-person Repair Cafes have now been pushed back to Spring 2022, when we will look at the situation again. But for now we are resuming our onlive ‘Virtual Repair Cafes’ each week, offering tips and tutorials on fixing stuff for yourself. These events now use the ‘Jitzi’ meeting platform.

Our team of fixers will be live every Thursday evening between 7-8pm to offer advice on doing your own repairs, share stories of things they have fixed and generally encourage everyone to use some of their lockdown time to repair stuff they might otherwise have thrown away.

To join our events you will need either a smartphone, tablet or computer with a webcam and microphone. You may also need to use earphones to prevent audio feedback.

You can join the meeting by clicking this link:

PLEASE NOTE: The event will be recorded for later use on our social media, website and video sharing platforms such as YouTube etc. By joining the event you are giving your permission for your image and contributions to the event to be used in this way.

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