The Baby Belling

So it was an offer I couldn’t refuse. “Come and take a look at this cooker I’ve been given and I’ll do the cooking part.” It sounded like a fair deal to me, so off I went, toolbox in hand.

On arrival a very nice surprise greeted me. This was no modern second hand tin cast-off of a cooker but was instead a properly built Baby Belling, beloved if bedsit dwellers everywhere.

Now I’ve seen these little two-ring electric cookers before. Many a lunch-time jacket potato was done in one at a place I used to work. But what I hadn’t realised until today, when I took one apart for the first time, was how easy they are to work on. The top just lifts up on a hinge, three screws give access to the connections for the rings and removing a couple more screws reveals the switch contacts.

The problem was the left ring was continuously switched on. But looking at the switch contacts soon revealed a contact that wasn’t releasing when turned to the off position. This should activate an over centre spring to break the contacts, but this wasn’t happening. But joy of joys, the spring mechanism was adjustable! A quick turn of a small brass bolt and the switch was working properly again. 5 minutes to reassemble everything and the cooker, which had been gifted to a friend, was fully working again and ready for another 30 odd years of service.

The only part of the restoration left to do is to clean it!


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