January 2020 Repair Cafe Report

We were back at Heeley City Farm for our first Repair Cafe of 2020 and it turned out to be another bumper day. After a record number of Fixers turned out for our post-Christmas event at Strip The Willow in late December, this time it was a record number of customers who came along with aproximately 36 different items receiving attention throughout the day.

Our textile department has been enjoying a rapid growth recently, with both new volunteers and more customers than ever before. Here’s an action shot of the lost art of darning taking place.

We had all kinds of items in for repair, including a disproportionately large number of DAB digital radios. These always seem to give problems, with at least one being brought along to almost every Repair Cafe in recent years. They must be particularly badly made for such a high number to appear for attention. The faults seem to vary, but a common one is that people don’t always realise they sometimes need re-tuning in a similar way to how ‘Freeview’ TVs often need a re-scan to pick up the latest channels. Sometimes these radios can be fixed and sometimes they can’t. ‘Pure’ and ‘Roberts’ seem to be particularly troublesome brands.

Our next event is a last-minute extra Repair Cafe, which will see us return to Abbeyfield Park House on Saturday 1st February. Then we will be back to our normal calendar with an event at Strip The Willow on Sunday 16th February.

Fairy wings are a bit of a departure from the usual items brought in to be fixed. However I’m pleased to report that thanks to our magical team of Fixers, they are now set to continue flapping into the future.

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